Parent Teacher Association

Mrs Butterworth


Since my son joined Farrowdale he has gone from strength to strength. He is happy, more relaxed and his confidence has grown immensely. He now enjoys going to school and the small classes suit him well. The standard of teaching is excellent and the interaction between staff and children is a joy to see. We are so glad we chose Farrowdale.

Who is the PTA?

All parents and teachers are members of the PTA and are welcome to attend its meetings and take part in PTA events. Every year at the Annual General Meeting, members of the PTA elect an Executive Committee to take responsibility for carrying out the aims and objectives of the PTA and all members are welcome to put their names forward for election. PTA meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each half-term from 6pm until 7.15pm. Parents who currently sit on the PTA committee are Yvette Sullivan, Lindsay Parker and Mandy Stevenson.

The role of the PTA

The key role of the PTA is to provide opportunities for regular contact between partners and teachers for the exchange of ideas and information for the good of the school and our children.

PTA Events

The Farrowdale House PTA organises a number of events throughout the year including the Halloween Disco; Christmas Fair; Spring Fair and Summer Ball. The aim of the events is for everyone to get together and have fun. They are a great opportunity to meet and spend time with other families from school. The PTA also organises Christmas cards, an art sale and the second hand uniform scheme.

Our fun events throughout the year are also a means of raising funds for additional items for the school. Amongst other things the PTA has funded, Year 6 leavers’ books, pantomime visit and some play equipment for the playground. The PTA hopes to fund some additional resources for the playground in the next academic year.

Get involved

There is a board in the entrance to the school where you will find some PTA information. There are lots of things you can do to support the PTA without being elected to the committee, for example:

  • Giving ideas for events or helping to organise events.
  • Helping out at events e.g. on a stall, decorating the hall, or on the door (rotas are usually on the board outside the staffroom)
  • Donating prizes for raffles
  • Using the second hand uniform scheme
  • Giving us feedback about the PTA

Please feel free to approach any member of the committee if you would like to know more about the PTA.