Year 5/6

Weekly overview

It is assessment week for the class next week (commencing 20.6.19). I will spread the tests out as much as possible to ensure tiredness does not play a role in the results. Therefore, it is important that children are in school for these as it is difficult to find time to catch up with these if they are absent.

Revision sessions are now being run on both Monday and Wednesdays after school so please ensure your child can attend these if they are planning on sitting entrance exams.

Both Year 5 and 6 have been working with statistics this week. Year 6 have focused on pie charts and conversion graphs, whereas Year 5 have been looking at time graphs and data from line graphs.

Our grammar focus this week has centred around apostrophes, dashes and hyphens as we spent our last week prior to assessment week brushing up on areas that have previously caught some children out.

Play rehearsals are well underway now and if your child has a prop at home or perhaps part of their costume, they are more than welcome to bring it in early to use it in rehearsals.

In addition to the spellings being sent home on paper, each child has also received log in details for a website/app called spellingshed. This website/app allows children to practice their spellings through quick games which vary in difficulty. TTRockStars has had such a positive impact on every child’s ability to recall their times tables with greater speed and I hope that spellingshed is able to do the same with Year 5/6’s spelling. It enables me to set specific lists for homework and see what specific words individual children are struggling with so I believe this will be a really beneficial tool in improving our spelling across the class. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to see me.


Half-termly Overview Summer 1 2019

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to pop in and see myself at 08:30 or at home time. You can also contact me via an email to school or leave a message for me to phone you at a time which is convenient.

A few friendly reminders…

As a general rule children should aim to read at least 2 books per week (1 if they are on the thicker books from the later stages).  Times tables are of equal importance and I have suggested to the children they should be doing 10 minutes practice each day.

P.E. will be on Tuesday this term (weather permitting) so please ensure children have their kits in school on Monday as usual just in case we need to change our P.E. day due to the weekly weather forecast.  For P.E. children need to bring both indoor and outdoor kit and must have trainers / pumps.

Early morning work begins at 08:30 each day and is mainly spent working on SPaG or calculation work. Some children might be given specific work if there is a particular requirement or to go over a previous days work. I therefore feel it is beneficial if you are able to get the children here by this time.

Homework resumes this week (spellings, mathematics and English). Homework will be set on Friday (due in the following Monday) and Monday (due in for Friday same week).

Thank you

Mr Northcott



English – Shakespeare, Reference Texts and Poetry.

Maths – Algebra, Fractions, Percentages, Properties of Shapes and Volume and Capacity.

In the afternoon sessions:

History – Ancient Greece – Who were the Ancient Greeks, Ancient Greek democracy, Ancient Greek Olympics, The Battle of Marathon, Gods and Goddesses and The Trojan War.

Science – Humans – Human timeline, Growth of babies, Puberty, Changes in old age, Gestation period and Life expectancy.

Computing – Internet research and web-page design

PE – Athletics and Rounders/Cricket

Art – Wildlife (Birds)

Spanish- Phrases, travel, restaurant, family and shopping.

We would welcome any resources you may have at home that you feel could enhance your child’s learning in any part of the curriculum that we are studying. This may be in the form of information books, guidebooks and leaflets collected on visits to places of interest that you have made with your family. Even better, if you feel that any experiences of your own are relevant to the curriculum, it would be wonderful if you could come and share them with the class.

Thank you,

Mr Northcott