Online Education

Continued academic success

We ensure our pupils succeed academically through excellent online teaching and support.

Currently due to lockdown, some pupils have returned to full-time online learning. Our provisions mean that we can continue to provide a high-quality education experience. We also recognise that learning from home will not always be straightforward, with multiple family members needing to work and study simultaneously in the same space.

The programme we have devised is based on our current curriculum with vital feedback from existing parents. Supported by  pre-prepared lessons and resources, our online learning offers a blend of different teaching methods and gives families the flexibility they need during changing times, as well as ensuring we are able to maintain our pupils’ academic progress.

Technology and platforms

Technology has become a fundamental part of our education, not only allowing us to deliver great teaching and learning but as a platform for collaboration and productivity. We have witnessed first-hand the positive impact it can have, putting our pupils at the heart of their learning by increasing engagement and developing interpersonal skills.

We use a variety of platforms and resources to support the learning and educational experience of our children. Our main platforms include:

  • Tapestry
  • Class Dojo
  • Google Classroom
  • Wellbeing and character development
  • As well as supporting academic success, we prioritise the emotional wellbeing of our pupils and their families.
  • By providing access to varied resources, making wellbeing checks for pupils at home and ensuring that our online provision is flexible enough to fit with family life, we cater for all aspects of a child’s education.
  • To find out more, the school office remains open to discuss how we can support you and your child’s educational future.