Reception/Early Years

Autumn 2

What a busy week!

We are incredibly proud of all the children at Farrowdale for their amazing performances in the Christmas productions. We are especially proud of our Pre school and Reception for their beautiful singing and performing on stage – well done! Today was our last day with Buddy the Elf as he is off to the North pole to deliver our Christmas letters to Santa.

Upcoming Events

Monday – Christmas Dinner
Tuesday – Party day (Non-uniform) and Pantomime.
Wednesday – half day (Finish at  12pm)


Key Points

  1. PE will take place on Friday mornings. Please bring PE kits in on Monday to insure a change of clothing is available for your child should any accidents occur. All PE kits will be taken home on Friday for washing over the weekend. Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name as to avoid any confusion during changing.
  2. Reception children must wear an apron for dinner. All aprons will be sent home on a Friday for washing.
  3. Show and Tell will take place on Friday afternoon.
  4. Merit and Achievement assembly takes place each Friday at 8:45 am. Children are welcome to bring certificates, badges, trophies etc to share with the school. Parents are welcome to stay for this assembly.
  5. The children will read once a week with a member of staff. Reception reading days are Monday’s and Tuesday’s, your child’s reading day will be displayed on their folder – Please make sure that their folders are in school on these days. It is important that your child reads as much as possible, children who have read more than three times at home will be placed on the star readers display.
  6. The children will need 2 healthy snacks per day for break time, please refrain from giving yoghurt as this tends to get a little messy. Toast and fruit may be purchased at break time.
  7. Please can all children have appropriate outdoor wear for playtime. As the weather changes they will need to wear a hat, gloves and scarf.
  8. Children are provided with milk or water after break times. If you wish your child to bring in a drink bottle please can we kindly ask that it is just filled with water.
  9. Homework for Reception will be given in the form of a learning log. Within the learning log will be a set of challenges relating to our termly topics. Children will have between 2-4 weeks to complete as many challenges as they can. Learning logs will be marked and sent back home every Friday.
  10. Registration will begin at 9.40. Please can we ask all parents to ensure they have said their goodbyes and vacated the room by this time as not to cause any distraction during registration, thank you.

The work we will be covering this half term, can be found displayed in the classroom. If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to drop in and speak to me.

Many Thanks – Miss Santana

Mrs Tagg

Miss Millington


Early Years Curriculum Autumn 1.


Maths – Space shape and measure. This week we have been focusing on position and direction. The children have been using positional language to describe the position of themselves and others.

Literacy – Writing a letter. This week we wrote or letter to Santa. This included lots of practice of letter writing, list writing and even writing questions.

texts we will cover include:

  • Dear Father Christmas

Topic – Our topic is term is People who help us. We will be learning all about our fantastic emergency services and how they help us. We will get the chance to ask questions first hand to the amazing individuals that keep us safe as we invite fire fighters and doctors into class to talk about the roles and responsibilities included in their job.


Understanding the world

This term will we look at the many various factors that make us different from one and other and how this benefits our society.

Expressive Art and Design

All craft will be topic based and the children will have the opportunity to handle a variety of materials.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be looking at how our differences make us unique as we discuss various PSHE topics through circle time activities.

Physical Development

During PE this term we will be focusing on Jumping and Rolling. The children will develop their balancing skills as we learn lots of different techniques to rolling and jumping.

Communication and Language

Children will be learning to retell a simple story in the correct order. Use talk to connect ideas and explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next. Use a range of tenses and use intonation, rhythm and phrasing to make the meaning clear to others.