Mastery in Maths- We have continued our learning of 3D shapes this week. We have used the magnetic slices to build our own 3D shapes, been on a 3D shape hunt in our classroom and have even been using a beebot to program it to reach the correct 3D shapes. Photographs of this will be added onto Tapestry for you to see 😊

Literacy- This week the children have been authors and have retold the story of ‘The Bad Seed’. They have really applied their phonic knowledge to their sentences and I hope you all enjoyed looking at their final piece on dojo.

Phonics- We have been focusing on our new set 2 sounds in phonics this week, covering ‘ar, or, air and ir’. We have also been looking at our red words and the words was and be have been introduced. The children completed phonics assessments too this week and they have all done a super job! Well done 😊

Pre School

Maths- This week the children have been looking at 2D shapes singing shape songs, talking about their properties and making their own 2D shapes from loose parts.

Literacy- The bad seed has been lovely all week and the children have been talking about all the bad things he has done and also all the good things he has done. They have then applied this to real situations and have been busy drawing and labelling pictures. Well done! 😊

Provision for All- The children have been so busy in the areas this week. We have been making spring chicks in the playdough area and have been learning all about the Christian celebration, Easter. We have lots of fun activities planned around this for next week and the children enjoyed making a list of what we will need. We have decorated our own paper easter eggs to decorate the classroom too. The children have also been enjoying role playing and have dressed up as the Easter bunny, hiding eggs around the classroom.

Reception/Early Years