Walking around our school, you will see that all our classrooms are comfortable and inviting. Happy and relaxed children are taught in small classes (maximum 15 children per year), where they receive individual attention whenever they feel they need it. Respectful, well-mannered children work together and support each other. Older children voluntarily look after the younger members of our school at break and lunchtime. From age 3 to 11 we are all under one roof, with every child taking part in whole-school activities together. In addition to the usual classroom facilities, Farrowdale has an ICT suite which is networked to classroom computers and interactive whiteboards with wi-fi access throughout the school. We also have a multi-purpose hall which has an original sprung maple polished floor making it ideal for PE and sports lessons. The hall’s domed acoustic ceiling makes it perfect for elocution, music and drama productions. Our choir also use the hall to rehearse which has served them well as they have been invited, year after year, to sing in Manchester Cathedral at Christmas, for charity.
Whilst we could tell you more and more about the school of which we are so proud, there is nothing like seeing things for yourself, so please come and visit us; we’ll be glad to show you around!

Early Birds

Children are welcome at school from 7.30 am at no extra charge.

After-school provision

We run an after school club each day until 5.30 pm. Children take part in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and are given a sandwich or healthy snack and drink. There is a charge for this service.

*A daily charge of £5 is made for children using the service up to 4.30pm

*A further £2 charge is levied for every subsequent 30mins from 4:30pm  until 5.30pm.

*All children must be picked up by 5.30pm


Due to Covid-19 we are gradually introducing extra – curricular clubs, However we are hoping to resume all in the near future.


Both staff and specialists run a range of extra-curricular clubs at lunchtimes and after school. These include: choir, dance, netball, piano, football, karate, tennis and French. Most clubs are run by outside specialists incurring an additional fee.
At various points throughout the year we also hold a range of events when parents are welcome to share with us and celebrate their children’s success and achievements. These events include: concerts; talent show; sports’ afternoon; and other sporting activities. Children who take part in clubs both inside and outside of school have regular opportunities to showcase their talents at these events.

Classes also take part in a number of trips over the course of the year, plus a fun day out at year end which this year was to ‘Play’ for pre-school and Reception.  Eureka for years 1 to 2 and Blackpool pleasure beach for Juniors. In addition, there is a residential trip during spring term open to our Junior children, this year they enjoyed an exciting week at PGL.