Year 5/6

 Weekly overview

In English we have continued our persuasive writing unit of work which is focusing on the environment and recycling. At the start of the week our grammar focus was on conjunctions which we were able to use in our persuasive letters. We later moved onto revising words containing the letter string -ough and revisited modal verbs. On Thursday we held a class debate on whether or not it should be illegal to throw recyclable waste into landfill. To finish the week, we read ‘The Rabbits’ by John Marsden and ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry. The students then wrote their own book review on one of the four books we have read so far linked to this unit.

In mathematics Year 5 have used the properties of rectangles to find missing lengths and angles, investigated diagonal lines drawn in quadrilaterals, identified regular and irregular polygons and used angle sum facts to make deductions about missing angles. Year 6 used simple formulae, generated and described linear number sequences, expressed missing number problems algebraically, found pairs of numbers that satisfied and equation with two unknowns and listed possible combinations of variables.

In topic, we mummified tomatoes by cutting out their insides and putting them in a salt mixture. We will continue to monitor these over the next 2-3 weeks ready to wrap them and then create their very own elaborate sarcophagi.

Homework will be set daily on Google Classroom and is to be completed for the following day. The work set will vary from maths, English and even afternoon topic work.

It is recommended that children read for a minimum of 15 minutes daily, which can be written in to your child’s reading record. Reading regularly can not only improve word recognition and fluency, but can also assist children in their writing during class. Therefore, children will be expected to read at least 2 stage books per week (1 if they are on the thicker books from later stages). Reading books (and reading records) should be the only things going home and returning to school along with water bottles.

P.E. will be on Friday this year so please ensure children attend school wearing their P.E. kits.  For P.E. children need to bring suitable clothing for the British weather as we will attempt to be outside providing it is not raining heavily. Tracksuit bottoms and fleeces can be worn. Please refer to the school email for a full list of clothing options. Can I please also ask that children bring suitable footwear in for sports.

Early morning work begins at 08:30 each day and will be spent on tasks that the children have needed further support with. This could be arithmetic or grammar related. Therefore, I would encourage the children getting in to school on time, to ensure they do not miss any learning.

If you have any questions, please feel free to see me at 8:30 or at home time. Alternatively, you can contact me via an email to school.

Thank you


Curriculum Spring Term 2

English – Stories from other cultures, persuasive writing and non-chronological reports and journalistic writing.

Maths – Multiplication and division, percentages and perimeter and area.

In the afternoon sessions:

Topic – Ancient Egypt

Art – Egypt

Science – Earth and Space

Computing – Internet research and webpage design

PE – Basketball

Spanish- Asking and responding (food and drink), sports and dictionary use.

PSHE – Money Matters