Key Stage 2

At age 7 children move up into Key Stage 2 (years 3-6).

At Farrowdale we teach a broad and balanced creative curriculum based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Teachers do not rigidly adhere to QCA schemes of work but are free to dip into these schemes alongside whatever resources they feel will most interest their particular children. Our children are taught in small classes and there are high expectations for each individual. Both gifted and talented learners and those with additional needs are well supported. Individual support is available to every child if needed whilst encouraging creativity and independence of thought. Throughout the school day children will be involved in independent, paired and grouped activities.


All children in years 3 to 6 are taught a half hour of SPaG plus at least an hour of English daily. We carry out spelling assessment at the beginning of each academic year and pupils are assessed on their knowledge of their Year group spelling words termly. This allows us to tailor our spelling sessions specifically to our children’s needs.

Great emphasis is placed on the teaching of English as the skills learnt in this subject are key to success in all other areas of learning. Children do a lot of oral work and drama such as hot seating and presentation of ideas as a foundation for written work. Activities aim to be interesting and fun, for example recording a radio advert or writing poetry from strong emotive images. Strong emphasis is also placed on grammar and punctuation and there is an expectation of neat cursive handwriting. Farrowdale children achieve very high standards in reading as a result of the individual attention they receive from the very start. Learning is linked where possible to themes being taught in Topic and Science.


Our children also have an hour long Maths lesson daily. They continue from key stage 1 with lots of practical work to investigate number, shape, measures etc. Much emphasis is placed on using mental strategies to solve problems and the learning of times tables. Increasingly children are expected to use and apply what they know to solve real-life problems.

Other subjects

Afternoon sessions are given over to the remaining subjects.

In Science, we focus on investigation and practical work as a basis for understanding key concepts.
Topic is taught on a two year rolling programme with years 3 and 4 children venturing into the world of The Vikings, Ancient Egyptians and Tudor explorers; taking a journey through Europe and Africa and investigating settlements. Children in Years 5 and 6 learn about what life was like for the Ancient Greeks and during Victorian times and World War II. They also investigate our local area, study rivers and mountains and become ‘Keen to be Green’, a project which involves looking at world concerns of global warming, climate change, green issues and eco-footprints. Art and DT are taught alongside topic on the same theme and address the skills set out in the National Curriculum. Trips are frequently organised to compliment the learning experience. In Computing, Spanish and PSHCE we also aim to make links as much as possible with themes being taught in Maths, English, topic and science.

PE is taken, either in the indoor hall, on the outdoor playground or on the field, depending on the skills/sport being taught. The children take part in numerous sports events throughout the year and we hold our own sports afternoon at year end. Our children also begin swimming lessons in year 3 through to year 6.

Children in Year 6 also work towards secondary school entrance exams, which are usually in the Autumn and Spring terms.


In addition to those subjects outlined, Farrowdale children are encouraged to develop their individual talents. With this in mind, school productions take place twice a year at Christmas and in the summer, which all children taking part. Some children get to explore their dramatic talents whilst others showcase their singing ability by performing a solo or duet. There is also a talent show, which always sees a packed house. Children last year demonstrated their Karate skills, became stand-up comedians, performed dance routines or sang a solo to name only a few of the acts taking part. All children also learn a dance to perform in front of parents at the Summer Ball.


Children throughout key stage 2 are for the most part expected to complete regular homework. This is usually used as an opportunity to consolidate learning from the previous week rather than to introduce new concepts.


We are mindful of keeping parents up-to-date with school life. Therefore teachers send out a half-termly overview outlining news, events and topics to be studied, as well as a weekly overview detailing learning from the previous week. There is one yearly written report and three formal parents’ evenings. Parents are; of course, welcome into school to chat with their child’s teacher at any time throughout the year.



What do you appreciate most about Farrowdale? The approachable nature of staff, the culture which is based on family values and flexibility and agility or the curriculum to suit the child’s needs. The quality of education is outstanding and the staff know the children on an individual level so learning can be tailored to suit each child. I appreciate the teachers. Their teaching approach is personal and genuine. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ school. Each pupil is individually catered for so they can learn and grow at their own pace.

Mrs. Butterworth

Mrs. Butterworth


Since my son joined Farrowdale he has gone from strength to strength. He is happy, more relaxed and his confidence has grown immensely. He now enjoys going to school and the small classes suit him well. The standard of teaching is excellent and the interaction between staff and children is a joy to see. We are so glad we chose Farrowdale.




Farrowdale is a friendly place where you have friends throughout the school not just in your class. When you arrive to school you are happy every day.

Ms Fetch

Ms Fetch


I would highly recommend Farrowdale House school. I've seen my son progress at an amazing rate not only academically but also socially. I would probably describe the school as a big happy family, all the children really look out for one another, they have lovely manners, dress smartly and show fantastic support for each other. This is down to the hard work the teachers put in and the way the school is ran.