Year 2

Weekly overview

The whole class have worked hard this week and continue to impress me with their progress.

Our phonics focus has been words ending in -tion.

In Maths the class have completed our topic on mass converting grams and kilograms. We then progressed onto volume; reading scales in ml and litres. The class continue to enjoy their daily speed times tables tests to achieve rapid recall.

I have been incredibly impressed with the improved speed and accuracy from all the children. We have consolidated our 3 times tables. We have now progressed into our 4’s.

In English, the class have continued with our new class book ‘ Bill’s new frock’; provoking class discussions on fairness and equality.

The class have impressed me with their SPaG knowledge; completing their first practice SATs paper.


Well done Year 2!


Half-termly Overview Spring 2 2019

Welcome back to a new half term

This term the class will begin preparing for their SATs next term.

In addition, I will led a morning activity each morning. It would obviously be of benefit if your child is here at 8.30am to take part in these activities.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to call in and see me before school or at home time. You can also contact me via an email to school or leave a message for me to phone you at a time which is convenient.

A few friendly reminders…

Reading is of the utmost importance.  Children should be doing some reading at home every night.  Please could an adult record pages read and a brief comment in the reading diary.  In Year 2, children will read to the teacher twice per week, although this may be reviewed if it is felt it would be beneficial to read more often.  There will be no set reading day and children should have their reading folder and books in school every day.  Times tables are of equal importance and I have suggested to the children they should be doing a little practice each day.

P.E. will now be on a Wednesday; the children will need their full P.E kit each Wednesday.

For Year 2, homework will be set on Friday to be handed in the following Thursday.  There will be a piece of English, a piece of Maths plus spelling words and times tables.

Thank you

Miss Campbell


English – Fiction and non fiction linked to our class book ‘ Bill’s New Frock’. There will also be a daily Phonics session, SPaG, reading comprehension and handwriting sessions.

Maths – Measures, including capacity and weight. Written methods for addition and subtraction. We will also focus on daily arithmetic and reasoning questions. Consolidating 2’s, 5’s and 10 times tables; building on rapid recall, progressing onto 3’s and 4’s.

In the afternoon sessions:

Topic – Geography- The Jungle.

Art/DT – linked to topic and Science

Science – Plants

PE – Each Wednesday

Spanish- Greetings and  colours.

We would welcome any resources you may have at home that you feel could enhance your child’s learning in any part of the curriculum that we are studying. This may be in the form of information books, guidebooks and leaflets collected on visits to places of interest that you have made with your family. Even better, if you feel that any experiences of your own are relevant to the curriculum, it would be wonderful if you could come and share them with the class.

Thank you,

Miss Campbell and Miss Meeks.