Year 3

Weekly overview

This week in Maths, children applied their understanding of place value when mentally adding and subtracting. We used number lines to add on and take away hundreds, tens and ones from 3-digit numbers. This week really tested the children’s understanding of place value and I was very pleased to see them able to complete this work in their heads.

In English this week, we have continued our English topic of Roman Myths. As a class, we have read “The Oak and the Linden Tree” and “The Story of Ceces”. Children have shown their understanding by drawing story maps, sequencing the story and writing a letter as if they were a new character in the story. We have also been answering comprehension questions.

In the afternoons, children have learnt a range of things such as; the common and scientific names of the bones in our skeleton, all about why volcanoes erupt and how the Romans built their roads.

Homework will be given out through Google Classroom every Friday and is due in on the following Friday. This will include their weekly spellings, a maths tasks and a reading comprehension. Children should be completing this work independently, however if there are any issues with this children are encouraged to see me before it is due. The children will be given log ins for Google Classroom and be shown how it works before our first piece of homework is set. All children have received their TTRockstars and SpellingShed log-ins and should be regularly using these to practise for their Friday tests.

Children are expected to read for 15 minutes daily and this is to be written into their reading records. Reading regularly can not only improve word recognition and fluency, but can also assist children in their writing during class.

P.E. will be on Friday this term. Children are to come to school in their PE kits ready for the full day. Please bear in mind the weather and ensure that your child wears an appropriate kit for the day.

All children should arrive at school on time for 08:30 everyday to ensure that they are able to enter school safely, wash their hands and begin on their morning work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using Class Dojo or through the school office.

Thank you

Miss O’Donnell



English ā€“ Roman Myths, Descriptive Poems and Instructions

Maths ā€“ Number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions

In the afternoon sessions:

History – The Romans

Geography – Extreme Earth

Science – Animals Including Humans, with a focus on nutrition.

Computing – Internet Safety

PE – Dance

Spanish- Greetings and Introducuctions

RE – Judaism

Art – Autumn Artwork

PSHE – Aiming High

We would welcome any resources you may have at home that you feel could enhance your childā€™s learning in any part of the curriculum that we are studying. This may be in the form of information books, guidebooks and leaflets collected on visits to places of interest that you have made with your family. Even better, if you feel that any experiences of your own are relevant to the curriculum, it would be wonderful if you could come and share them with the class.

Thank you,

Miss O’Donnell