Year 1

 Weekly Overview

A fantastic first week back in Year One. In phonics we have looked at the ‘air’ and ‘ear’ sounds, we have thought of words containing these sounds and used these words to write sentences. During English we have been looking at stories with familiar settings. The children enjoyed writing descriptions about their favourite teddies and are looking forward to writing a story about them next week. In maths, we have been looking at sets of two, five and ten. The children have been identifying how many groups, how many are in each group and how many altogether. During science the children discussed the four seasons and thought about different weather conditions, we also discussed the months associated with each season. In topic we sequenced the events of the gunpowder plot and identified why we celebrate the 5th November each year.

Half-termly Overview Autumn Two 2018

Welcome back, I hope you have all had an enjoyable half term. If you have any questions please feel free to pop in and see myself at 8.30 or at home time. You can also contact me via an email to school or leave a message for me to phone you at a time which is convenient.

A few friendly reminders…

Reading is of the utmost importance, children should be reading at home every night. Please could an adult record pages read and a brief comment in the reading diary. In Year 1, children will read to the teacher twice a week, these days have been written on the front of reading diaries. Children should have their reading folders in school every day for independent reading in class.

P.E will be on Wednesday this year so please ensure children have their kits in school on this day. For P.E. children need to bring their Farrowdale t-shirt and shorts plus white socks and black pumps on the red drawstring bag.

Early morning work begins at 8.30 each day and is mainly spent practicing key aspects of English and Maths. Therefore, I feel that it is beneficial for children to arrive on time.

Weekly homework will resume this week. Year 1 homework will be set on a Friday to be handed in the following Thursday. There will be a piece of English, a piece of Maths and spellings.

Thank you,

Miss Meeks


English –  Stories in familiar settings, information texts and letters. Alongside this will run Phonics and handwriting.

Maths – Number, place value, direction, multiplication, division and addition and subtraction.

In the afternoon sessions:

Topic – The Great Fire of London.

Art/DT – Linked to Topic and Science.

Science – Weather – Seasons.

PE – Games.

Spanish- Greetings, numbers and colours.

We would welcome any resources you may have at home that you feel could enhance your child’s learning in any part of the curriculum that we are studying. This may be in the form of information books, guidebooks and leaflets collected on visits to places of interest that you have made with your family. Even better, if you feel that any experiences of your own are relevant to the curriculum, it would be wonderful if you could come and share them with the class.

Thank you,

Miss Meeks.