Valentine’s Day

We’ve been talking all about Valentine’s Day today and the children have been making little chocolates and cakes in the playdough area. We have also provided some rose quartz for the children to explore as this stone represents love ❤️ We look forward to making some little cards for the ones we love too!

Bread making

This week the children have been asking where bread comes from whilst eating their morning snack. We watched a video about the process of making bread and decided to make some of our own to deepen the children’s knowledge and understanding. The children loved the whole process, but they especially liked eating it!

Wolf Found!

Our posters have worked!!!!! We welcomed the wolf into our school and we have spent our morning finding out about wolves The wolf was very curious about our school and wanted to see everything…he paid a visit to each classroom!! We are so glad that we can help the wolf finally find his way back home


Early years have had a very exciting week!! On Monday we found footprints in the frost and we identified them as an Arctic Wolf’s prints. We have read a story called ‘The Way Home for Wolf’, about a wolf who is trying hard to find his pack. All week we have been finding clues that the Arctic wolf is around school. We really want to help him find his way home. The children have designed ‘Lost’ posters to help find him and we have placed them inside and outside of our school. We hope they help us find him. We have also enjoyed some wolf painting, sensory trays and role play, all linked to wolves.

Young Writers

Some of our amazing Reception pupils with their Young Writer entries. They have been successfully chosen from 8000 entries and will have their riddles published. Well done Reception. We are extremely proud of you.