Term dates and calendar

Dates for the Academic Year 2017 – 2018


Autumn Term 2017


Term begins for staff                                  Friday                                      01 September

Term begins for pupils                               Monday                                    04 September

Break-up for half-term                               Friday (6.00pm)                    27 October

Return after half-term                                Monday                                   06 November

Term ends                                                     Friday (Noon)                         15 December


Spring Term 2018


Term begins                                                  Wednesday                               03 January

Break-up for half-term                                Friday (6.00pm)                     09 February

Return after half-term                                 Monday                                    19 February

Term ends                                                     Wednesday (Noon)                  28 March


Summer term 2018


Term begins                                                  Monday                                    16 April

May Day Holiday                                          Monday                                    07 May

Break-up for Half-term                               Friday (6.00pm)                    25 May

Return after half-term                                 Monday                                   04 June

Term ends                                                      Wednesday (Noon)                11 July




Autumn Term Calendar of Events