Year 5

Weekly Overview

This week in year 5 children have been working on a combined numeracy and literacy project.  The aim of the project is for children to: develop their problem-solving and thinking skills; make decisions and choices; work collaboratively within a team; use a range of mathematical and literacy skills and have fun!  Their task was as follows (in groups of 4/5): ‘You and your business partners have bought a plot of land. You have recently been granted planning permission to build a theme park as the local council feel the project would bring income and jobs to the local area.  You have been granted a substantial loan of £5 million pounds for building and start-up costs.’  Activities so far have involved producing a plan of their theme park in three distinct zoned areas with specific amenities, producing a budget for the build, creating a marketing brochure and estimating running costs.  The children have really enjoyed applying all their skills to a real-life scenario.

Afternoon lessons have been as normal.  We have continued looking at the Ancient Greeks.  The children were given a fact card about one aspect of Greek life and have begun to produce a PowerPoint presentation which they will later show to their peers. We also investigated the spread of this ancient civilisation through Europe.  In Science, we have been recapping what we already know about our solar system, thinking about how the planets orbit the sun and why, as well as looking at what evidence there is that the Earth is spherical.  During our art session the children have started work on a class piece to create a large painted Greek vase.



Half-termly Overview Summer 1 2017

Welcome back to the summer term; I hope you had a great Easter break.  This is set to be busy term with lots to look forward to.  Coming up this first week back we have a trip to the Fire and Rescue Safety Training Centre, in Bury; as well as a visit from the poet Ian Bland.  Also coming up this half term is PGL adventure week, assessment week and the Spring Fair.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to pop in and see me in the morning before school from around 7.45 (earlier on request) or at home time. You can also contact me via the homework diary, an email to school or leave a message for me to phone you at a time which is convenient.  I look forward to speaking with you!

A few friendly reminders…

Reading and Times tables practice continue to be of great importance and I have suggested to the children they should be doing at least 10 minutes of each daily.

PE continues on Thursdays.  For PE children need to bring both indoor and outdoor kit and must have trainers and pumps.

Early morning work begins at 8.30am each day and is now used for spelling practice and additional maths or grammar activities as needed.  Some children might be given specific work if there is a particular requirement. I therefore feel it is beneficial if you are able to get the children here by this time, although I know from experience that the time before school can be quite fraught!

Weekly homework has already begun.  The children continue to have verbal/non-verbal reasoning or SPaG work on Mondays, Maths on Wednesdays and English and/or spellings on Fridays.  Please could you check and sign your child’s homework diary each weekend.

Thank you

Mrs Leach.


English – Two weeks of revision focusing on SPaG and reading comprehension. We will have a strong focus on extended writing and a range of genres after assessment week.

Maths – Two weeks of revision mainly focused on maths reasoning across all objectives.  Following assessment week we will be concentrating on shape and space, measures, geometry and statistics.

Topic/Art/DT – The Ancient Greeks.

Science – Earth and Space.
Computing – Controlling Devices: FLOWOL
PSHE- Good to be me.
PE- Cricket and Rounders.
Spanish- Numbers to 100, classroom objects. Countries and Pets.

As always, I would welcome any resources you may have at home that you feel could enhance your child’s learning in any part of the curriculum that we are studying. This may be in the form of information books, guidebooks and leaflets collected on visits to places of interest that you have made with your family. Even better, if you feel that any experiences of your own are relevant to the curriculum, it would be wonderful if you could come and share them with the class.

Thank you,

Mrs Leach.