Yesterday Year 1 and Year 2 went out collecting Autumn leaves and made some beautiful Autumn sun catchers.



















Autumn Walk

Yesterday in Early Years we went on an Autumn walk. We took a checklist to tick off what we saw. We enjoyed collecting lots of beautiful Autumn leaves.


















1st October

This week in Early Years we are looking at 2D shapes, we have been on a shape hunt, been practicing the alphabet and Capital letters and had fun in the role play area.









As Part of our Year 2 English work on dinosaurs, children became paleontologists for the day. They will now be writing reports, recounts and stories using their experiences.





















Cocksfield Farm

Year 1 and 2 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Cocksfield Farm. Please see our Facebook page for further photos.
















 The children have raised an outstanding amount completing their sponsored activities.

A grand total of £716.84

Well done Farrowdale!



Zoo Academy

The children thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Zoo Academy, taking part in a fun, exciting and educational workshop.

Year 5/6