Early years have had a very exciting week!! On Monday we found footprints in the frost and we identified them as an Arctic Wolf’s prints. We have read a story called ‘The Way Home for Wolf’, about a wolf who is trying hard to find his pack. All week we have been finding clues that the Arctic wolf is around school. We really want to help him find his way home. The children have designed ‘Lost’ posters to help find him and we have placed them inside and outside of our school. We hope they help us find him. We have also enjoyed some wolf painting, sensory trays and role play, all linked to wolves.

Sandwich making fun!

Year 1&2 have enjoyed writing their own instructions this week, some children in class and some learning online at home. The children then followed the instructions to make their own yummy jam sandwiches.


Last week we were learning all about Harvest.
We have talked about where our food comes from, looking at how we harvest the different fruits and vegetables. The children then used the vegetables in their play and role played making soup. One of the children made a list of ingredients that we would need and the next day we all made some delicious carrot soup!

The colour monster

The Colour Monster
Over the next two weeks, early years are focussing on their own emotions and have already completed lots of activities around the story. We have been colour mixing, threading, recognising our own emotions and talking about how we feel and also retelling the story. We can’t wait to share more activities with you all too!

Caterpillar find!

Today we found a very hairy caterpillar on our school playground. We carefully collected it with some leaves so we could investigate further. Together we looked at the pattern on the caterpillar and used that to help us identify it. We think it is a Scarlett Tiger Moth caterpillar. We then looked at the lifecycle of caterpillars, their habitats and their diet. We are going to be creating some wonderful art around what we have found this afternoon.


It’s all about the hedgehogs this week in Early Years at Farrowdale. We have been creating our own little hedgehogs using different media and materials and also learning facts about them too.


Early Years have enjoyed their first art session this week 🎨 We have looked at the still life artist Paul Cezanne’s painting called ‘The Basket of Apples’ and we have recreated our own set up. The children loved mixing the shades and took care when creating their masterpieces on little easels.

Numicon City

In Early Years we have been exploring in Numicon City this week! The children have been focusing on numbers to 5 and practising their number formation to match the numerals. They have loved making shapes with the Numicon and used the gems to practice their 1:1 correspondence.