Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Year 4 & 5 (Miss Wall and Miss Corrigan’s group)

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Joshua Matley visits Westminster.

Josh in London
Following the General Election, Joshua Matley, Year 6 tells us of his Political experience in London.
“I wrote to our local MP, Debbie Abrahams, explaining my interest in politics. Subsequently, she replied saying how thrilled she was that I enjoyed politics.
Due to my interest, she offered me a tour of the House of Commons, tickets to see Question Time and the opportunity for me to meet her.
I went down to London, where I met the MP’s manager and she gave me a tour of Westminster; including the House of Commons.
I was then lucky enough to watch Question Time. Finally she took me and my parents to the MP’s lounge and let me ask her questions.
It was a fantastic day and the experience has enhanced my interest in Politics”

JCA fun! (Miss Wall’s group)

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Congratulations to our marathon runners!

We did it!


Dear Parents,

First of all, a big thank you for sponsoring us to help raise funds for our school defibrillator! Our total is now standing at £518 and the PTA have pledged to fund the remaining total in order to purchase the school defibrillator. Therefore we should be able to get this ordered in the next few days!

Sunday was a fantastic day and the three of us are still absolutely delighted in our marathon and half marathon achievements (yet we are also aching!) I managed to get around the marathon in 4hours, 10 minutes and 31 seconds, which was better than I had hoped so I am over the moon!

The winner of the sweepstake was Kian Walker in Year 5 who chose the time of 4 hours and 11 minutes. The four children who won £5 book vouchers for the school book fair were Sam Wilson (Y6), Oliver Meekings (Y1), Joshua Stevenson (Y3) and also Skye/Henry Whitton (Y6/3).

Today Year 5 carried out some ‘market research’ in Shaw town centre to find out where the current nearest defibrillator is and whether the local community is aware of this. We discovered on our travels that there is a defibrillator at Asda Shaw, the sports centre and also at the dentist next door to the Pound Bakery. We managed to pop into twenty seven different businesses so there may be one or two more companies with defibrillators that we didn’t encounter. The children were keen to tell the shop keepers and companies about the fact that we will soon be purchasing one for Farrowdale House and that as a community, they can access ours if they are ever in need.

I was very impressed with how well the Year 5 children spoke to the adults in each shop and they made me a very proud teacher.


Here are the Year 5 children with Mrs Valentine, at Valentines Estate Agents, whose son Noah used to attend Farrowdale House.

Finally I’d like to say on behalf of all the staff at Farrowdale House, thank you again for all your support and for helping us raise this superb figure.

Miss Wall.

Wild show comes to Farrowdale!

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Easter Bonnet Parade.

The standard of Easter Bonnet entries this year was outstanding so we just had to photograph them all!


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Examination Results!

This year has been another successful year and I am delighted to share with you the outstanding Y6 entrance exam results.
The following are our excellent examination results:
Manchester High School for Girls
Skye Whitton
Bury Grammar Girls School
Beth Kirby
Mia Mistry
Skye Whitton
Oldham Hulme Grammar
Katie Armstrong
Freya Moores
Rishworth School
Daniel Butterworth

Beth Kirby
Mia Mistry (Sports Scholarship)
Freya Moores

Matthew Taylor

Skye Whitton (Drama Scholarship)

Sam Wilson (Academic Scholarship)
Congratulations to our hard-working children!

Entrance Exams

A huge well done to those children who sat and passed the Rishworth entrance exam.  Further congratulations to the children who also achieved scholarships. The following Y6 children have secured places for September;
Skye Whitton ( Drama Scholarship)
Sam Wilson ( Academic Scholarship)
Mia Mistry ( Sports Scholarship)
Freya Moores
Daniel Butterworth
Matthew Taylor
Beth Kirby

Choir Performances.

I’d like to say a big thankyou to the school choir for putting in lots of effort and time into practices this half term. They have made me a very proud teacher on three occasions in which they have performed songs beautifully to different audiences.
Our first performance was at Manchester Cathedral last Tuesday in aid of the MedEquip4Kids charity. It was a wonderful evening and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thankyou to the parents who helped us raise £314.00 in concert tickets, which will now go to the charity.
Furthermore last week we also performed carols at Shaw and Crompton Library and received some lovely comments from the public.

Finally this morning the children performed our two MedEquip songs during the Shaw Salvation Army Service, which proved to be a very festive occasion. The children really did make the school proud and I was delighted with their performances and the way they joined in the service.
Well done on a fantastic half term!!
Miss Wall.

Farrowdale Skipathon

The children had a fantastic time taking part in the skipathon to raise money for The British heart Foundation.  Well done everyone!IMG_0349

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