Anti-Bullying Week

As part of our work towards Anti-Bullying Week, the whole school have been focusing on #OneKindWord. They have been writing out stories of when others had shown them kindness. Watch this space to see all the stories altogether! #AntiBullyingWeek @abaonline

Odd socks

Our school councillors choosing our colouring competition winners ready to announce at the end of our #AntiBullyingWeek @abaonline

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of Anti-Bullying Week @abaonline, Farrowdale staff are taking part in #OddSocksDay @andyoddsock All it takes is One Kind Word! Our uniqueness makes the world exciting!

Harvest in EYFS

In Early Years we discussed harvest and how Autumn is the season of harvest. The children have made Autumn wreathes, choosing their autumnal objects and using cutting and sticking skills. We discussed the purpose of scarecrows, the children coloured and cut the scarecrows, then turned them into Dingly Dangle scarecrows using split pins. We used our scarecrows to move, during our Dingle Dangle scarecrow song.

MacMillan Masterpiece

Our super talented parent Jodie @MitchiMoo Cakes created this masterpiece in support of our MacMillan cake sale. A bear cake dressed in full Farrowdale House uniform.

Our values

In class and during assemblies, the children have discussed our School Values, making links to our British Values. The children have produced some outstanding work and demonstrated how each day in school we use: tolerance, democracy, mutual respect and the importance of following rules.

The colour monster

Our new feelings check in station in EYFS. This week we have been reading ‘The Colour Monster’, we now have a colour monster themed well-being station. Here the children can select a Pom Pom which best describes their feelings and place it in the corresponding pot. It’s a lovely opportunity to share positive feelings and experience as well as detect any negative ones and offer support and solutions for these. We’ve discussed why we feel this way and what makes us feel these different emotions.